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The first step in creating a web presence is securing your web site name, commonly known as “registering your domain”. Domain Name Registration is the first step in creating an online presence. You can register your companies name, ensuring that you have your unique web address registered in your own or your companies name. When this domain name is typed into a web browser a visitor will be taken to your site.

It is essential that you have your domain name registered to ensure that no one else can register it in their name and “cyber squat”, thus depriving you of a valuable revenue stream.

Please call us on 0845 1260900 or message us and we can check the availability of your desired domain name. We can also search for domain names for you to see what may be available based on your suggestions, and provide you with a list of available domains to choose from.

Choosing A Domain Name

Try to keep the domain name as short and descriptive as possible. Identify the keywords that describe your specialty to help create a useful and easy to remember name. Try hyphenating your keywords ( – ).

Register your name as a domain if you cannot think of a suitable domain for your practice, e.g. If you have difficulty coming up with useful domain names try adding a prefix or suffix (see below) or adding your location. (example:

Common Suffixes


Common Prefixes

(name of your location)

Consider the singular and plural forms of the domain name. Search for generic words associated with your specialty, e.g. Once you have found a good domain name we recommend that you register a few alternatives e.g., .com, .org, .info, .net or This is to prevent cyber squatting (somebody else registering a version of your domain name with the intension of piggybacking off of your success).

You are able to have as many domain names as you want pointing to the same website, so you do not have to register only one. For example your may wish to have a domain name of your name (e.g. as well as your practice name (e.g

If a suitable domain name is available, register it straight away, if you don’t you may be disappointed.

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