About Medical Media
Medical Media

We have been creating and managing websites for over 20 years

About Medical Media

Medical Media is a website design and marketing company who specialise in working in partnership with medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and healthcare professions and organisations to develop their online marketing strategy and material.

The inception of Medical Media was due to the need of the medical and healthcare professions to develop their presence and services through the internet. This need is primarily being driven by patient expectations and the increased use of the internet by the public and fellow healthcare professionals to find out what services and products are available and who is providing them.

In today’s ever-changing world, information technology and the internet are becoming even more important to success and being able to adapt to this media is essential. So, whether you are an individual doctor or a large medical organisation or healthcare company, Medical Media have a portfolio of products and unique blend of skills that mean we understand your needs and deliver the best solution for you and your business.

Our culture

All the members of the Medical Media team are passionate about what they do. Customer focus is a priority and the dedication to excellent personal service and excellent product provision are paramount in delivering our services within budget, on time, and to your satisfaction.

As a company we pride ourselves on the partnerships we develop with our customers, these together with our project management enable us to make sure we can get your project right for you. We consult with you continually throughout the design and development process and this flexible approach ensures the resulting solution will enhance your business service and profile.

Mission statement

To provide the best possible personal service to develop and execute our customers needs and grow their online business profile and productivity.

We aim to bridge the gap between healthcare professions and the IT sector, enabling more people to have access to more information, more of the time in a clear and professional way.