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Medical Website Design

At Medical Media we believe that you should get the web site you want for a price that's right. Unlike many web site design companies we do not use templates to design our web sites. Every site, whether a one page web presence or a comprehensive web site is a one off design, ensuring your web site is going to stand out from the crowd.

Our web site design solutions are created to provide the best possible flexibility and choice for our customers, while at the same time providing everything you will need. Whether you are new to the world of websites or looking to update, expand or revamp your existing site, we can cater to your needs. With a personal service and client relationship that grows and develops with your business.

Call us on 0845 1260900 for a free consultation and advice on the most productive web solution to suit your needs.

The Design Process

Before beginning the design of your web site we will have a short consultation about your preferences and any design criteria, such as colour, branding, corporate look or feel, so we are able to construct a design to suit your particular needs.
We will then produce a design concept for the front page of your website and provide you with a preview of this design. We can then adjust the design as needed until your are happy with the overall look and feel.

Delivery Times

We aim to complete all the web sites we design within one month of initial deposit, unless otherwise stated when ordering. The size and complexity of your web site, along with your ability to provide our design team with the content that you would like on the site greatly influences the time it takes to complete. If all the information is present at the time of ordering this will greatly speed up the process.

Our One Page Web Presence Deal can usually be completed and live on the Internet in under two weeks.

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Responsive Web Design

With the hugh growth in mobile devices being used to access the internet, it is vital that your website can function correctly. Whether it be a mobile phone, a tablet, or a traditional desktop computer, your website must display correctly and look great on all of them.

Responsive Web Design(RWD) is a technique for constructing websites that will work across all devices.

With a Resonsive website the layout of the site adapts as the screen size changes to accompdate the various devices. This insures that the content of the site is displayed in a way to maximise the experience for the user at all times.

Search engines place increasingly more emphasis on mobile friendly websites, so it pays to have a site that works well on these devices.

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