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The internet is now an essential tool for UK healthcare providers and a practice website is the most professional, cost effective way to advertise and promote treatments and services to potential and existing patients. It may seem like a huge task to get a practice website online, but starting with a small web presence and building up over time can be very effective.

High Profile

It is highly likely that patient choice and government legislation will determine that all clinicians will be required to have a practice website, so that your medical practice will increasingly rely on your internet presence. An effective practice website will greatly improve your profile in the marketplace, increase the number and quality of patient referrals and help you achieve greater visibility and recognition within your community and amongst your peers.

Open All Hours

Your website will allow your practice to be open around the clock. It has the potential to inform millions of people about the services and procedures that you provide and allow patient access to information and enquiries to be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without taking up any of your valuable time. You will be able to keep in touch with both new and existing patients, informing them of developments within your practice, such as new procedures or improved treatments.

Patient Education

A practice website is an extremely effective tool for patient education and communication. Patients may be directed to relevant information on the website, where it can be accessed by the patient and absorbed at their own pace when they are at home and less stressed. This dissemination of information will save you a considerable amount of money on postage, printing, envelopes and your secretary's time.


Concise, clear information and visibility will reassure both patients and fellow professionals. Pharmaceutical companies and researchers needing help with clinical trials will need to identify the right people based on their clinical interests and professional competency. Many patients now want to know more about the surgeon that will be performing their operation, where the surgeon trained, their particular expertise and other pertinent information. An effective practice website emphasises your compassion, experience and practice philosophy reassuring the patient in your medical expertise and patient care.

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