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The information presented on this website is provided as is and without guarentee. All information is kept up to date as much as possible, however please call Medical Media on 0845 1260900 for up to date prices and current offers.

All website design will remain the property of Medical Media until paid for in full. Medical Media transfer ownership of the website design and all Intellectual property rights over to the client upon final payment. Intellectual property rights included are any intellectual property rights generated for a Medical Media client, including, but not limited to trademarks, drawings, diagrams, design, artwork, photographs, digital photographs, Standard HTML, ASP code, database coding and JavaScript, work manipulated on behalf of a Medical Media client, work commissioned by a Medical Media client, passwords, access codes, & flash code specific to the Medical Media clients website, will remain the property of Medical Media.

All website content is to be provided by the client, and no responsibility is taken by Medical Media for any images or text displayed on the website, that subsequently has existing copyright associated with it, that may cause grievance with the original owner. All images supplied must be in a standard GIF, PSD, PNG or JPG format and must be able to be read in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks. Any images or photographs supplied by Medical Media will be provided and sourced from what we beleive to be reputable sources in good faith. Any infringment of copyright resulting from this will be the responsibility of the client.

Medical Media reserve the right to charge Late Payment Interest, on all overdue invoices. This will be calculated at the daily rate of the Bank of England + 8%.
Any hosting space for the website, reserved for the client, will remain the property of Medical Media.
Please note all accounts beyond our credit terms will be passed to our debt collection agency. All accounts, without exception, will be subject to a surcharge of 20% plus vat to cover our costs in recovery. These accounts will also be subject to any legal costs incurred in obtaining settlement.
Medical Media cannot be held responsible for any virus that may be passed on to any computer from the web server, or by email.

Medical Media cannot guarantee web server security, and cannot be held responsible for any loss, or misuse by third parties, of any data that is captured and/or stored on the web-server, even using SSL encryption. Medical Media will register all clients' websites with some search engines, but cannot guarantee inclusion, and/or rankings within any of these search engines. It is the responsibility of the client to register more regularly if required, unless specified on the order. All prices quoted in any proposal are valid for 28 days from date of proposal. Project timescales quoted are an estimate only and cannot be guaranteed.

Prices do not include any hardware or software that may be required, unless specified on the order, and do not include any visits requested by the client to configure any hardware or software on the clients equipment. The price to purchase fonts specified by the client will be chargeable over and above any contracted development fee.

Medical Media will endeavour to host the website on a 24 hours a day basis, through a partnership with a professional web hosting company, but cannot be held responsible for any downtime of the web server, or other equipment, connected to the Internet, which causes the clients website to be off-line for any reasonable amount of time, or causes loss of revenue on an e-commerce enabled website. This is applicable to website hosting and any email accounts and email forwarding. Medical Media will not be held responsible for any problems arising from the clients own email account and Internet service provider (ISP) and cannot be held responsible for any software or hardware problems on the clients equipment.

In order to begin the design process the client will be invoiced 50% of the total web site design fee as a deposit. The remaining 50% will be invoiced when either: the website is completed and launched, or at 90 days from the date the deposit payment if the site is not completed as a result of the content not being supplied by the client. Medical Media do not accept any responsibility for consequential loss incurred by any 3rd party as a result of the failure of any products or services supplied.

Medical Media payment terms are within 28 days. The client agrees to pay an ongoing maintenance and re-hosting fee if the client wishes Medical Media to host and maintain the site on an ongoing basis. This fee covers annual re hosting, registration with the search engines,, site statistics, Email configuration, database administration pages and maintenance of the web site where applicable. The ongoing monthly maintenance and support charges are effective from date of deposit payment. Three months written notice is required to terminate the contract. If the client terminates the contract with Medical Media and requires a copy of the site for future use, then a charge to be negotiated based on site complexity will be incurred by the client. Any sites using integration into our databases and or web site admin systems cannot be supplied to the client as their functionality is dependent on integration into the Medical Media system. FTP access to servers will not be granted to clients accept in exceptional circumstances.

Medical Media reserves the right to remove the clients web site from the internet, and suspend any Email services if the clients account is in arrears. 7 days notice will be given in writing before web site removal, and Email suspension. A reconnection fee will be charged in order to restore service.
Domain names managed by Medical Media remain the property of the client. The client will appear on the domain registry as the domain owne.. If a client cancels a maintenamce/services and support contract with Medical Media, the ongoing management of the domain name becomes the clients responsibility. If the client does not instigate the transfer of the domain to their own control then Medical Media will assume that the client no longer requires the domain name and Medical Media may assume ownership. Any domain names registered on behalf of the client will remain the property of Medical Media unless the client requests in writing that the domain be transferred. Medical Media will then follow the instructions of the client to transfer the domain out. A transfer fee may be required (usually around £50) to cover administration and cover Medical Media costs.

Domain Names

Domains purchased by Medical Media for use in SEO Services will remain the property of Medical Media.
If the website that is hosted by Medical Media on behalf of the client starts to exceed the stated bandwidth allowance by the third party hosting company, then Medical Media will pass on any extra charge to the customer.

No illicit or pornographic material is allowed on any website hosted on behalf of Medical Media. Medical Media will inform the relevant authorities if any such material is discovered.

Medical Media ( is a business based in the South East of England, and is therefore governed by English law. This is still applicable for anybody who can view the website in any other country, and / or has contact with Medical Media by any other means of communication such as electronic mail, fax or post, without necessarily having viewed the website (

Once the website has been placed live on the Internet, the client has seven days to make any changes through Medical Media, to the website. After this period, the client is deemed to have accepted that the website is satisfactory.

Data Protection

The confidentiality of your information is very important to us. To this end, we fully comply with Data Protection legislation and Medical Confidentiality Guidelines. Please be aware that information submitted to us over this website is normally unprotected until it reaches us. Users are requested not to send confidential details or credit card numbers, for example, by email, unless specifically requested by us. The remainder of this statement is made by us in light of the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, and our responsibilities to you as a "data controller".

Please read this page carefully. If you do not agree with the contents of this statement, do not submit any personal data to us.

Domain Names

Your use of this website and your submission of any personal data to us, shall constitute your consent to allow us to process your personal data in accordance with the terms of this policy.

For the purposes of this policy, "personal data" means any personal information (including sensitive personal data) that is capable of identifying you. This information may include your name, address, telephone number, fax number or e-mail address

Data Removal

If you have submitted your personal data, and later decide that you would like us to discontinue processing your personal data, you can choose to have this data deleted.

To opt-out, please send an email with the subject "Data Removal" to us at info @ specifying the processing activities you would like us to refrain from. Upon receipt of your email, we shall discontinue processing your personal data and delete/destroy all instances of personal data relating to you.

Personal information which may be collected via this website

Personal data may be requested by us, or voluntarily forwarded by you through one of several electronic mail hypertext links or contact forms, present in the body of this website. We can only process your personal data if yougive your consent to do so by ticking the relavent "I consent" tick box on form submissions.


In order that we can monitor and improve this website, we may gather certain information about you when you use it, including details of your domain name and IP address, operating system, browser, version, and the web site that you visited prior to our site. We may do this by way of a "cookie".

A cookie is an element of data that our website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system.

Cookies allow us to understand who has seen which pages and advertisements, to determine how frequently particular pages are visited and to determine the most popular areas of our website. We use cookies so that we can give you a better experience when you return to our website.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. You do not have to accept cookies, and you should read the information that came with your browser software to see how you can set up your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie.

Any disablement of the cookies function may hinder some of the website functionality, for which we shall not be responsible.

Use of personal data

The personal data collected by us from you, may be utilised by us to:

Disclosure and use of your personal data by third parties

We DO NOT disclose your personal data to any third parties or organisations for marketing purposes.

We may also disclose information to legal and debt recovery representatives for debt collection and debt tracing purposes.

We may also disclose personal data if required to do so by law or in the good-faith and belief that such action is necessary to:


Sometimes we may need to transfer your personal data to countries which do not provide the same level of data protection as the United Kingdom. If we do need to make such a transfer, then we shall put a contract in place so as to ensure that the personal data is adequately protected.

Data security

We always take appropriate measures to safeguard the personal data we hold from unauthorised access or improper use.

We operate a strict internal security policy with which our employees must comply as a condition of their employment with us.

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